ḤIBAT ALLAH, IBN JUMAYʾ IBN ZAYN (second half of 12th century), Egyptian physician. Ibn Jumayʾ was regarded as one of the greatest experts of his time in his field. Saladin engaged his services at the royal court, as did his ministers and viziers. He was the author of several works, among them the book Kitāb al-Irshād li-Maṣāliḥ al-Anfus wa'l-Ajsād ("The Book of Instructions for (the Maintenance of) the Health of the Body and the Soul"), which was completed by his son, Abu Ṫāhir Ismāʿīl. He also wrote a commentary on the Canon of avicenna . -BIBLIOGRAPHY: Brockelmann, Arab Lit., 1 (1898), 489, and supplement, 1 (1927), 892; Ashtor, in: HUCA, 27 (1956), 310–11. (Eliyahu Ashtor)

Encyclopedia Judaica. 1971.

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